Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Fave Five

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Boy, after reading a few others, we are all in agreement, this week flew by! Which leads me to my first favorite...

1) Four day weeks! - Aaahh, yes. We actually had a 4 day weekend and then a 4 day week, it was so nice. For some reason, it just changed the whole mood of the house to calm...well, as calm as it can be :D

2) My new Doctor - Yes, I think I have found her! I have been searching for weeks now for someone to help me and gosh, I think I have! I hear see the road to recovery in the distance....

3) Lunch - Yes, that is not a misprint! I have enjoyed all of my lunches this week! LOL! each day with someone different :O) It just seems like the best time of the day to sit and enjoy you friends/family company. (and the yummy sweets after aren't so bad either!) Absolutely priceless

4) My new friends here in Bloggity-Ville - I have had a blast meeting new friends and getting to know each other. What fun and what an honor for them to let me into their daily lives ;)

5) My Rocking Chair - It has been such a nice treat to sit in it during these windy days wrapped up in a quilt working on my crochet...And it also helping my back pain ;) *sorry for the bad pic*


Anonymous said...

That rocking chair looks so comfy! Having a good doctor is SO important. I pray this is the one. Thank you for stopping by and thank you for praying for my son. He is doing much better.
Have a great weekend!! :))

Willow said...

We love our favorite chairs, don't we? Yours looks like the perfect one!

I'm glad you've found a good doctor. That's so important.

Brenda said...

I can identify with your five. Its so hard to find a doctor you can trust! I love rocking chairs, I especially like to sit and read in a rocking chair.

Jerralea said...

My rocking chair is put up right now. I miss it!

I adore lunches with friends, too. How great that your week included that!

God bless!

Anonymous said...

That rocking chair sounds lovely!

I think this is a great meme too.

Jen said...

I love to eat lunch out with nice you have gotten to do that. I think its good for women to get to do that. Enjoy your weekend.

Susanne said...

Finding a good doctor whom you're comfortable with is like gold! So glad you found one.

Love rocking chairs. Your wood one is beautiful.