Monday, February 23, 2009


I am agitated! annoyed! cranky! I need to vent before I explode! It is just me and the kids and if DH was here, at least I could complain to him, but no dice.....grr.... I had been very sore last night and was up until after 2am..then I was up and out of the house early. So in turn, I have felt more sore than usual today, I am guessing from the lack of sleep. The worse part about being nasty...I have no good reason to! I actually had a GREAT day with my Mom! After my 30, yes 30 X-rays, I went to Mom's for bagels, then we went out shopping for the rest of the day until the kids got out of school (well, the shopping actually has quite a bit to do with my sore day today!) then we went to Mom's for dinner to celebrate my Nan's 86th Birthday. So I should be happy, rejoicing in the wonderful life my Nana has led.....NOPE, I am just flat out MAD!


Homesteader in Training said...

Well I better get on this blog makeover then before you really do explode! LOL.I'm just kidding my friend. I do feel for you and I hope you have a much better day today.
Big hugs.

Melissa said...

Kim, you are too funny, no sweat over the blog....really! my day did get better, when I went to bed!