Friday, February 20, 2009

No more drama...PLEASE!

Goodness, I have had enough of the drama! Seriously, my "tween" daughter is close to putting me over the edge of sanity! Boy, I thought my son was a bit difficult with the mood swings, but boy was I wrong!! She takes the cake! She can go from happy and giggling to screaming and crying in seconds flat. I thought I would have an easy night because DS1 is on a Youth retreat & DD was going on a sleepover. So, it was just me, hubby & Nate and we invited T and her son over. Well, it was nice and relaxing until the first call of the night (well, actually a text message! LOL) Oooh, did I forget to mention there are THREE girls included in the sleepover, need I say any more? Good grief! I have had it, when will it let up? Please tell me soon? Praise God I only have one girl!

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