Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Piles of Pancakes

Boy oh Boy, that is what I was looking at tonight at our Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper! What fun it was to see the Pastor dancing in the kitchen with his Ipod flipping pancakes, the community coming together and the youth acting as "waiters/waitress" serving everyone.It was a fun night for all, even for our little friend A who doesn't eat pancakes but we packed him a turkey sandwich so he could enjoy the night with us! I was a bit nervous about going because I am not feeling well at all today and spent most of the time the kids were in school in bed! (Boy, gotta love them all in school! Hehehe) But, Praise God, I was really feeling OK for most of the supper :O) And thank the Lord I am in a much better mood today, and realized it was due to a visit from AF :( Blek.....All my medication has made me very unpredictable..But enough with the TMI, Thanks for the Prayers to save me from my grumpy self! LOL! I am now going to find my warmest quilt and curl up in bed with my book from the library

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