Saturday, February 21, 2009

Show and Tell Saturday

Fave Kitchen Gadget

Thanks Kim for letting me choose this weeks topic!!!!

Boy, I thought this week was tough! When I first suggested it, I thought "What A snap" but, that was not the case! I wanted to take a picture of everything! or better yet, just a pic of the whole kitchen!LOL! Then, I thought, can kitchen gadget also be a small appliance? Oh my, I know...I over think everything!!!! So, after tough deliberation..I was able to narrow it down to two! One small gadget and one small appliance..........Drum roll please....
OK, this is what first came to mind! My all time FAV Coffee Pot, my Keurig! I have been through many, many makers, until I found this one! I am a huge java drinker, and was always looking for the best one. Then DH bought this for my 30th birthday:O) And the best part is I can just make hot water for a cup of tea at night!

Here is my gadget, my Pampered Chef Kitchen Shears! Yes,they are a mess, a piece missing off the handle (thanks, DH) but they are a gadget I use constantly everyday. My favorite us is to cut up little guy's pizza, but it is also great to cut up chicken and chuck roast when preparing dinner (Yes I wash with HOT soapy water & then run through the dishwasher, B4 I cut up the pizza!) and then later in the day, Drama Diva is using to assist her with her homework project.


Sherry said...

Definitely coffee! Nice looking coffee maker, too! :D

Those shears are great! :D

Homesteader in Training said...

I saw those and thought, "HOW COOL!" I want a coffee cup like that!! I love the fact that it's insulated. Oh and you can't beat a good pair of kitchen shears!!
Thanks for choosing the topic this week my friend. We've been busy with a garage sale today. I can't wait to mess with your blog.