Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Four Generations!!! Me, Nan, Mom & DD
Together for Nan's 86th Birthday!
Today, I want to just take the time to write about My MOM. I love her...yes I know, Duh!
* I LOVE our Friendship ~ We talk about everything, really! I enjoy her company and we spend a lot of time together..(yes, now that she is home, sometimes she makes me a little crazy when she wants me to trek in the snow to come for a cup a tea!) But I end up going 99% of the time anyhow!
*I LOVE our Honesty ~ It did take us awhile, but we can both tell each other how it is..
* I LOVE our Humor ~ Some things only her and I will laugh at, sometimes until we are close to wetting our pants..LOL!We have so much fun together
* I LOVE our ESP ~ Just today, I had a conversation with her friend about a craft I was doing for our upcoming dinner this weekend. My mother entered from another room, and almost quoted me to word without even knowing it! It was hysterical!
* I LOVE our Relationship ~ With our families, we mesh together so well. Well, most of the time..LOL! My mom is always looking for me and the kids to come over. I think she would be pleased if we stopped in every day. The only problem is, I always end up staying for hours, my house would be a pig sty!
I am truly blessed to have my mom. I feel so lucky that I have her to tell her everything, even when I know she doesn't approve, she listens and is honest. I don't have to hide anything, nor does she. She is truly My Best Friend, and I am THANKFUL


Jensmere said...

A lovely post about your love for your mom...treasure every day!

Bless you,

Homesteader in Training said...

That is such a sweet post my friend. I hope you don't think I've forgotten about you. It's actually been more crazy around here then normal! But we aren't having a garage sale tomorrow like last SAturday so I should have some free time to mess around this your blog. I should be able to at least get it 3 column.
Big Friday Hugs!