Saturday, February 14, 2009

What a long way we have come..

Me and DH, that is. Years ago, even already having just one child, Valentine's Day was such a big day and goodness knows I would be upset if we didn't go out to dinner and if I didn't receive some sort of present from hubby. As the years have passed, little by little, things have changed. I think out to eat was probably the first to DS1 was blessed with another sibling, then the showering of gifts also came to an end. Not that I don't LOVE to go out to dinner or receive a thoughtful gift as much as the next person, I just prefer them now all year long! LOL! But they are different meals out and more priceless gifts. Yes, every once in a blue moon, beside the occasional wedding, me and DH do get to a meal out alone, and yes, he stills surprises me with gifts now and again. Now I love going out to eat as a family, especially now that the kids are a bit bigger, and I love those those little gifts, like dandelions from the backyard or the picture that one has drawn that I dare not ask "and who the heck is that potato shaped person?".I had given DH a little friendly reminder that chocolate would be nice (as long as it wasn't sugar-free, like last years last minute shopper picked up!) but that I just wanted a quiet day with the family. ALL of us! So, this morning, when I walked into the dining room, I saw 2 piles, both with "Mom" cards atop. The first card was a great Mickey card (we luv Disney here!) but when I gazed down to the from it only was signed by two of my three children??? Maybe they forgot to include DS2? Then the little guy prompted me to open the next card.... and there it was..just from HIM! And remember he is only six!

DH informed me that DS2 was not thrilled the "saying" in first card, and made him read aloud all the cards until he found the perfect one for me! It is this, that I want for Valentine's every year! OK, yes, I did receive two pretty nice boxes of Chocolate loaded with sugar! And now that I think about it, it really should be titled "what a long way I have come" but hey, everything we do, we do as a family!!!!

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