Monday, March 23, 2009


Well, I decided I needed a project. We are going away in a few weeks and I need to pull out my summer clothes..Well, what a project. I have piles all over my bedroom. Keep, too small, thrift shop, what might fit Drama Diva but sadly no too big piles...LOL! My new doc keeps pumping me with meds and I have gained quite a few pounds, the heaviest I have been actually. Now normally this would really depress me, put me in a rut, but I am surprisingly OK with it. I don't think I am unhealthy heavy, just heavier for my normal. Over the years, I have stayed pretty much the same, but my clothes never fit right, never! they fit perfect! I did buy a few things in a bigger size, but I am ok with that, I never minded sizes or really weight, just as long as I am comfortable! So anyhow, I am procrastinating over the project I planned for myself to keep my mind busy and here I am again..worrying. I just told Little Guy about our plans for tomorrow and he got sad..:( I have borrowed a few movies from the library and I have a neat little gift for him (a real steal at Walmart) when he comes home tomorrow. So I am now sipping hot tea and chugging Pepto Bismol...ugh...


The Real Me! said...

Oh my friend. I wish I could sit and have tea with you (minus the pepto bismol) LOL.
Hang in there, it'll all work out!
Big hugs!!

Melissa said...

Thanks Kim, you have been a GREAT friend :O)