Saturday, March 21, 2009

Busy Bee

Boy, I have not gotten to the computer to sit and blog for what it seems like weeks! It has been so busy around here! Big Guy has been keeping my running with Lacrosse, Drama Diva has had some issues with her Diabetes..UGH.., Hubby has been working non-stop, and as for Little Guy, well, he is just BUSY! LOL! Now that Spring is here and the warm weather should be approaching, we have been really enjoying the "perks" off finally being a Homeowner! We have been working hard on our curb appeal, and to help, my parents bought us a Beautiful new front door! It is such fun! We have re-painted our shutters, tore down our old fence, spruced up some furniture for our front porch and I can't wait to start planting flowers! I have been enjoying sewing at night while the house is quiet, and I am getting a jump-start on summer wardrobes! Now, if we just had some more consistent Spring weather, I could start keeping the clothes on the line....

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