Thursday, March 26, 2009

Can't stay away!

From the computer, that is..I guess I am trying to get my fill before I UNPLUG tomorrow! I have been trying to work on curtains for the sewing room, but keep finding another reason to sneak on..but now I have a GREAT one! See, my old computer just went kaput on us back in December..we couldn't even turn it on! :( There was not much love lost, the computer was old and slow, but all of my precious pics are on it! So I was sick, just the though of them lost forever! ugh! Well, hubby has a friend of a friend who said he would take a look at it, and he was able to extract ALL of my pictures!! Yippee! So, now I am downloading them all onto this new computer so I can download them to Snapfish! I have over 5000 pictures!!! My word! Well, finally I think I had a pretty good excuse for sneaking back on the computer ;)

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