Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Home at Last

What a day...I am so emotionally and physically drained, I feel weak to the knees. Everything went well, but I have to say I was a bit annoyed at a few of my nurses. Our "usuals" were off today and well, they were just..ugh! I hate being treated like I don't know what I am going through.because I do unfortunately.. STOP talking to me like an idiot, Please! Then this one nurse start about Little Guy being sedated...Yes, I know the risks and NO he will stay still that long and Yes he will be scared out of his mind if he was awake and to top it off...he needs an IV anyhow for the Contrast for the procedure...so Leave me ALONE! I am his mother, I think I know him best! Well, I am just cooling down after her 3rd Degree when the Resident Doc we see all the time comes in. Well, she runs over to him and pulls him asides and starts whispering in his ear...grr, I am getting angry, I know what she is doing.. Doc slips back over and casually asks "So, you wanna try this awake?" Grrrrr!!! Good Grief, is this Nurse for real?? After talking to the Doc and explaining my concerns and refreshing his memory about his previous procedures, he lets me know he agrees with ME! See, when they first started doing these tests, they would sedate him in the holding room. Then at his last one, they took him all the way into the MRI and put him in first, well he lost it immediately! He was terrified! So short story long, he was sedated today, all went smooth, and now..I just sit and WAIT..ugh..Tonight I am trading my Pepto for a nice glass of White Merlot..

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The Real Me! said...

Okay you win! You had a more stressful day then I did! Not that we are competing because this is one competition I'd like to lose!
Hang in there my friend!