Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes..

Every now and again, the kids will come up with these things that just crack me up!
Little Guy has bloomed into quite a comedian, even when he doesn't realize it!

Drama Diva was lying on the couch one morning before school, and whined out.."Mom, I don't feel a 100%" hence the name Drama Diva. Now, Little Guy is lying awake in his bed in the next room, and slowly walks out with a frown and says "Mom, I can't go to school today because I feel 100%" ROFL! Once big sis explained what you are meant to say , he now walks around saying he only feels 1%! LOL!

Last night, as I was finishing up folding laundry, I told Little Guy to get started on brushing teeth. He comes out with a big grin and states that he can not brush tonight because he is all out of his Spidey toothpaste! So I quickly respond "Just use mine tonight" and he quickly responds "I don't like to share other people's toothpaste"!!! too darn funny, this one!


Anonymous said...

Such a a little comedian you have! I died at the 1% :-P

jen@odbt said...

Kids do say some hilarious things. Thank goodness for blogging otherwise I'd forget them.