Sunday, March 8, 2009

Warm Weather Fight Fun???

This warm weather we are having is great, but has brought up a problem. Little Guy. Where does he fit? Or rather where does he want to fit? Now that everyone is outside, it has broadened the playing area, making it more difficult for him to find his place.
Big Guy (14) wants to do his thing..Practice spinning his rifle for ROTC, Practice Lacrosse, and be with his friends.
Drama Diva (12) want to Ride her bike in the street and around the block and play with her friends.
Little Guy (7) wants to do whatever the other two are doing, even if he has a friend over to play.
When the older ones are out in the neighborhood, it is not to hard to deal with. It is when Drama Diva is riding her bike in front of the house or Big Guy is playing a tough game of Lacrosse in the back yard. When they are right there, in his face. Yes, I know, the older ones need their space. And I also know that they should sometimes compromise with Little Guy. And I also understand how tough it must be for him to be this "big kid" stuck in this Little Guy body!
So this brings me to my dilemma..what to do? He gets himself so worked up, wanting to do nothing else. I can't do this all summer long! I mean I have tried it all to distract him, short of standing on my head! He carries on something awful, so keeping him the house is not an option or fair for him (or myself)!

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The Real Me! said...

My friend that is a hard one. Maybe you could schedule some sibling time at a certain time each day that he could look forward to and that the older children would know as their time with their little brother. If not every day then every other day. That way your youngest knows that at some point he is going to be able to have his "time" with his older siblings and it gives you a focal point to shoot for during the day. Does that help? Maybe it will spur an idea for you.
Hang in there my friend.
Big hugs.