Thursday, March 5, 2009

*Warning* LOL!

For my 7 wonderful & Faithful readers..I am putting out a warning..I had taken all of my "Blogs that I read" list last week and figured out how to run a live feed of them to computer all day long..Very cool, I know. But Then I wanted to remove a blog from that list and well, I only learned how to add them not remove 'em! I had been trying for 4 days now, and couldn't understand how to do it without deleting them all! (I know, I am so Blog-challenged!) But I figured it out and now have also discovered the wonderful world of Google reader! So, I am now on this mission to organize all "feeds" and all I can say is last time I tried to organize my Blog, I deleted all my posts!!! So, If for some reason, you come around and I have zero posts, DO NOT WORRY..I will be back and start all over!!

1 comment:

The Real Me! said...

You are so funny. Good luck in your quest. I know it's mainly trial and error and mostly errors when I did it! lOl.