Saturday, March 28, 2009

Well I did it! and I am going to do it AGAIN!

I unplugged with Kimba on Friday! Boy, was it strange! I am so used to thinking, oh let me check for that recipe, check my bank balance, peruse a blog..But I survived! I got soo much done too! I started my Spring Cleaning, stripped the Living room from top to bottom, washed a few quilts and put them on the line, washed a few throw rugs and hung out to dry, worked on sewing room curtains and all before the kids came home! Then I was pleasantly surprised to hear Big Guy's practice was cancelled, so I after played chauffeur, he came home with a few friends over, Little guy worked in the yard with Hubby, T came over and had a cup of coffee, then Hubby built a fire outside. We also realized sitting by the fire, this was a first fire as Homeowners! It was so nice! The boys stayed for dinner, we grilled burgers & roasted marshmallows and sat by the fire until it got to cold! What a nice day! I actually think I am going to unplug every Friday!
I woke up nice and early today and have been sewing and cutting my quilted curtains..enjoying My Birthday! My goodness, I am 32 today! I have been doing some math and realized that this fall I will have been with my hubby for longer than I wasn't?! Wowee! I am very curious, Hubby has told me we are going out to dinner tonight! We are being picked up at 6pm and we have reservations at a undisclosed location! Short of a few weddings, we have not been out to dinner just the two of AGES! I am looking forward to spending some time together! Aahh..I am going to go enjoy this still quiet morning (well, beside the sound of my Ihome rocking my music with the doors closed!) and get back to sewing..

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Jaime said...

Happy Birthday!

Kudos for the unplug!

I'm enjoying reading your site...I'm glad I found you!