Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a GREAT Weekend!

Well, after my peaceful morning on Saturday, I was chatting with my Friend LT (I have 2 T friends, so this is to distinguish the two!) who shares the same Birthday as me! I have been teasing her all week that we should go get tattoo's for our birthday! See, I LOVE tattoos and have a few ;), but this would be LT's first! Well, I honestly thought she would chicken out and I was so excited when she called and asked when we were going!!! While I was waiting for LT to pick me up, Hubby and the kids surprised me with a GIFT! I wasn't expecting anything because money is a bit tight and I knew we were going out to dinner and also on vacation in a few weeks! Too my Sweet surprise, I was given a NEW CAMERA! My old camera wasn't very old, but seemed to take really lousy pics. I am so thrilled! This will be great for our upcoming vacation! When we were arrived, I was a bit disappointed to find out my fave tattoo artist was a bit busy and we would have to come back Sunday :( He told us to pick what we wanted so they could be drawn up and ready for us when we came back. Well, it took awhile for LT to pick something out and my tattoo, well let's just say I was lucky to have 2 artists working on my idea! Well, the stars were aligned LOL! the time we were done, so was my friend with his client!!! So, we are now two Tattoo-Mamma's! Oh, it was such fun! We made it home just in time to get dressed for dinner! My hubby and Hers made plans in secret for us to celebrate together! We had an AWESOME Japanese dinner at Shogun's and then back to their Tiki-Bar! What a fun Birthday! I am so blessed to have great great family and friends!
The Birthday Girls :O)
My New tattoo's!!
I am a HUGE Tea AND Coffee Fan :O)

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Lori said...

What a fun way to celebrate your birthday! I like hearing the stories behind people's tattoos. I don't have a good one - I got one just for kicks in college and the guy who did it smelled like hot dogs. ;) Enjoy the new camera!