Sunday, March 1, 2009

What a nice day it has turned out to be...

I was awakened at 3am to the phone ringing, after jump starting my heart, I was relieved that is was just DH's work calling in for overtime..PTL! Then it felt like as soon as I was back into that deep sleep, DH came home and awake again..Which lead to me oversleeping this morning for Worship. When I got out of bed, I thought "this is going to be a day" After I dropped Big Guy off at Church for class, my Mom called and asked if the kids wanted to come over and watch HSM3 with her, she was coming to get them at 1pm. Awesome! Big Guy decided he would go to after his bowling plans fell through, but when my Dad heard, he decided to take the gang to the Bowling Alley before their movie date! DH was called back in and I had the house to myself! very strange! At first it was a nice treat. I have been working for 3 days on re-arranging/organizing my Sewing Room and for some reason unknown to me, I decided to make patchwork curtains for the room. Doesn't sound so bad until I measure the windows and realize I need 1,020 4 1/2 inch blocks to make 4 sets of valance & tiers!!!! YIKES! That is when I thought, I gotta get out of here! I called my good friend T, and we strolled through our beloved Thrift Shop and then headed into Village Coffee and we had such a nice, quiet time to catch up after our busy weeks. I came home refreshed, started up the laundry again, and back to sewing table. Now I just sat down with a cup of tea for a minute and realized what a nice day the Lord has blessed me with. And another great addition to the day is now the great possibility of a huge snow storm and a possible snow day tomorrow! Doesn't get much better that that!

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