Thursday, March 5, 2009

What a Week

We had a short one, the kids had a snow day on Monday, but boy did it feel LONG! I can't say I am not thrilled that Friday is approaching! The kids got antsy, because after the initial snow, it was not the snow to play in, then my Nan became ill, and that sent me spinning! Not to mention, I have a gazillion sewing projects to do, for myself & my friends! But my Nan has really got me down. My Mom and Dad always worked full time and Nan pretty much raised me. She lived across the street from us until I was 8yrs old, and then my parents turned their big 2 story house (it used to be a boarding house back in the 40-50's!) into a Mother/Daughter and Nan moved upstairs. So, we have been very close and it pains me to see her this way. I know the Lord has his plan and I don't think he is ready for her to come home, she is feeling better, but I just never know. I am not ready for that, that's for sure. But I guess, who really is? So that pretty much sums it up! I am looking forward to tomorrow. My good friend T & the kids are coming for a play date and dinner. We are going to make our own pizzas! The kids should have a blast and us grown-ups should be able to relax a bit, I hope!
A pic of the kids on their Snow Day..
Notice the photographer won't walk out the front door!

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A Psych Mommy said...

Wow--that's A LOT of snow! I would have stayed inside too :)