Thursday, March 26, 2009

When were you going to tell me??

This seems to be my mantra lately with Big Guy! Good Grief, he makes me nuts. He is a bright kid, and has always been very responsible, but lately he just seems like DUH!!! Yes, i know he has his plate full to the brim and his hormones..bleck, I think last night's dinner almost came up so no more thinking about the hormones. He had went from a coddling small town elementary grammar school to a HUGE High School with a big emphasis on being responsible for yourself. Yes, I am big on that, sure like every other parent on the face of the earth. But some things can't be or shouldn't be left to the teenage mind of a boy! What gets me even more aggravated is the HS has this nifty automated phone system that seems to call my home at least twice a day to remind of school events, but never the ones that pertain to US! I mean seriously! "This is the HS reminding anyone who want to twirl ribbons in the spring, meet in the gym"nah, he's not interested ..."This is the HS calling all JR's to college fair tonight" Thank Goodness, not yet... And my Personal fave on Fri afternoon " This is the HS with the an announcement that there will be no Spring dance today because School is closed" Huh? this wasn't a surprise, it is on the schedule, nobody realized it until no one showed to school that day??? So Short story LONG, they never call with the info I DO NEED! Like "hey parents we are having a football awards night, and your kid is gonna get an award, you should be there!!" NOPE! I see a mom the next day and she says"where were you last night?? They made this great little speech for Big Guy and presented him with an award, but you guys weren't there!!" So, at 6:30pm,when Big Guy finally gets home from his long day of school & Lacrosse, I casually ask about the award..alright, it wasn't real casual, more like a crazy lady who has already had a glass a wine and is furious for missing such an honor, and he looks at me, puts his head down, for sure in deep thought and and answers..."Uh, yeah, I forgot about, I thought it was tonight anyhow" smoke is coming out of my ears and my mom is giving me this look of fear knowing I am going to soon BLOW..."But wait" he says..almost relieved and proud he remembers (poor thing, he does not know it is tooo late) "It's no big deal, we can get my award at the banquet tomorrow night!!!!" WHAT? When were you gonna tell me about the Banquet? What Banquet? "Uh, I am telling you now" My word! This kid is going to put me over the edge! So, this all had transpired last night, so now I am in a panic because he also has a mandatory meeting at Youth Group tonight with his Confirmation Mentor at the same time as this banquet, which did I fail to mention is also $20 a pop!!! I guess, I can't get too mad, he does get very good grades, he stays out of trouble, and still gives me a hug & kiss Hello. Today, I need to keep reminding myself that!

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Susanne said...

Such is the life of the teenager's mom. Oh, yeah, been there, done this. Or haven't done it. Depending on whether they let me in on it or not! ;v)