Tuesday, April 14, 2009


*Beware- This is a Grumpy Post - Those having a smiling, productive day may not to read with the risk of being tugged down :( *

Ugh, that is how I feel today..BLAH. I have no good reason to, which I guess is a good thing, but I hate it, nevertheless. I woke up in this mood, not a bad mood, just a mood, and I just can't kick it! UGH! I had such big plans set out for this week, and it is already Tuesday, and I haven't made a dent in them! And this darn rain isn't helping the situation either! And we are looking at another wet and rainy day again tomorrow! Drama Diva wants nothing more to ride her new Cruiser bike (pics to come soon), Little Guy is itching to get out back and play with his new Lacrosse stick and be like his big brother and I was just hoping to enjoy the quiet on the deck with one of my many books I borrowed from the library this week!! So, I am trying to make the best of the day, and I even took Drama to the store and let her buy the new DSi and Guitar Hero Metalica! I thought for sure after I sang a few chords of one of my fave bands from back in the day would cheer me up, but no dice. My little Bro came over and has spent the afternoon with us, which was a nice surprise, but he is now hogging the Wii!! LOL! So, I think I am going to soak in a hot bath and just put myself in my bed with a book...Blah-De-Da :(

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