Sunday, April 12, 2009

I am Back!

We just got in late last night from Hilton Head Island! What a GREAT vacation we had! Normally we go the week of Easter, leaving Good Friday. But this year, the Grammar school and the High School had two different Spring Breaks, so we went the week earlier so that Big Guy did not miss any school. We had beautiful weather and we stayed right on the beach! It was truly a relaxing hustle & bustle. We left a few days early, took our time &enjoyed the drive. We then spent our days with my parents on the beach, by the pool, s-l-o-w games of mini-golf, homemade dinners in our villa and soaks in the hot tubs! I also slipped in some shopping of course ;) Drama Diva celebrated her 12th birthday while we were there, which we spent by the pool and then combing the sprawling beaches for sand dollars...What fun! It was so nice to spend quality time with my family and to also enjoy it with my parents as well! We are truly blessed! But as much fun that we had, I am also happy to be home. This was our first trip as homeowners and coming back to our home was a really great feeling! I am so relaxed and I am also looking forward to another week off! This week is the younger ones spring break, so we still have a bit of vacation left! I am looking forward to some more relaxing days and hope to get some sewing projects done too! We ordered Drama Diva a Beach Cruiser bike for her birthday, which was the only thing she wanted, and it was waiting in the store when we got back! She will, for sure, be riding all week as long as the rain holds out!

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