Friday, April 17, 2009


*Edited post ;)*

Well, yesterday I decided I needed a change. I am finally feeling good and thought it was about time! So first,, I went over to Mom's and decided to let her play Beautician and highlight my Dark Brown hair with one of those kits from Walmart. 40 minutes later and few hairs less, my mom is almost done pulling my hair through the flimsy plastic cap. I can also say my Mother has learned a new skill of blindly hooking my silver hoop earrings while covered under my cap! Then our Chinese take-out arrives. You don't know how much enjoyment my brother had to see me eating, donning my newest hair accessory. We finish eating and mom pulls the rest of my hair through. A little rusty on her new earring hooking skill on the left, but she did manage to find my rear canal! Now it is time for the bleaching the kitchen everyone holds court. I have never seen the whole family so interested in my hairstyle. My Nana has pulled up a chair, front and center, and has gestured to the rest of the gang to follow suit! So, as my Mom starts applying the bleach, she realizes we are running out of the mixture to cover all of my hair. *I had bought a new kit that specified for short hair, but my thick hair is like a sponge* So now, my roots are developing a lighter hue, while the rest of my hair is black. So, Drama Diva brags to my brother's girlfriend that she can take a direct her to Walgreens and get another highlighting kit to finish me up. Great!

10 girls.....20 minutes..NO girls and I am now getting very light roots....30 minutes..well, my Mom and Nan are in a full out panic! "Your hair is going to fall out!!"...NO girls, and mind you, the store is 5 minutes away! 40 minutes later, the girls arrive. It turns out Drama Diva wasn't so good at directions! She had the poor girl 20 minutes in the wrong direction!
Ok, back to business. Mom is on a roll! Within 10 minutes my hair is covered with a thick, bleach cream. We actually even have some mixture left! Hmm....what should we do with it?? Mom & I both consider our upper lip, but then Drama decided to put a few streaks in her hair, and saves Mom & I from a possible trip to the ER! LOL!

Well, after all that...I am DONE! I dry off and my Nan, God love her, lets me know how beautiful my hair WAS...but this is nice too...! Iam still on the fence...I think once the sun hits it, I will like it more. Hubby LOVES it and my Mom says I look punk! LOL! I think she is just saying that because she has some streaks that a bit thicker than others! Hmm..I think I can pull off Punk?!?! Well...I did want a CHANGE!

*EDIT* Ok, Kim, I took your advice ;)




The Real Me! said...

I think it's very cute! From what I can see! LOL. You needed a before picture right beside that one to compare a little better! LOL.

Melissa said...

Kim, I don't have a better after pic yet, but I did take your advice and add my before pic :O)

The Real Me! said...

LOL! Okay, NOW I can see a difference. I like it. I really do. I need change too but change scares my husband a bit! LOL.

Susanne said...

I love it Melissa. It brightens up your whole look! I've had the experience of running out of color halfway through with my daughter's hair. Now I always buy two kits just in case. If I don't use one it can always go in the cupboard until next time.