Monday, April 13, 2009

Wardrobe Basics

After reading Jo-Lynnes post on Wardrobe Basics over at Musings of a Housewife ..I decided to play along and list mine! I think it is so neat how we have our own basics that aren't ever mentioned and I loved reading about others faves too!
My list is definitely a Hodge-Podge of styles. My friends joke that I was a flower child in my past life, LOL & have Braids in my hair as soon as it gets long enough to braid! SO there really is no rhyme or reason to my basics, they just work for me!
Ok not very exciting or glamorous, but this is ME :O)

1) Birkenstock's: I have them in many colors and styles, but the sandal is my true love ;) I wear them all year long (yes, with socks in the winter) and co-ordinate them with pretty much everything. At last count, I believe, I have 5 pairs of sandals & 2 pairs of clogs, all in different shades of brown & black, some with rhinestones, some more strappy than others. Other than my Birks, I only own one pairs of sneakers for when I am feeling energetic and a pair of Crocs for quick car-runs picking Big Guy up.

2) Hoodies: Oh, how I love a hoodie! I have them in many colors and styles. I prefer one that has a zipper, but I do have a few pullover that are my faves! I am always cold, but then get warm so quickly, so they are perfect. I have knit ones for casual days, chunky cable knits for cooler days and sweaters for more dressy days. And yes, I do wear the hood! LOL! I mean, not all the time, no gangster look for me, but I have been known to walk around the house all day donning my hoodie ;)

3) Cap Sleeve Tee's: I love to layer (see #2) so these just work for me. I am always on the lookout for a great Tee with neat designs. I do have quite a few solids, but I tend to like a top with great designs. I love shirts with neat graphics. Nothing crude or too young, I actually LOVE tattoo-inspired tops! They look great with jeans, name it!

4) Boot-Cut Jeans: I am jeans girl for sure. The boot-cut just works with my pear-shaped body type. I like the sandblasted/well worn pairs for casual days and have some nicer, less faded pairs for more formal days. I use the word formal loosely, I don't work, so formal for me is the occasional Dr's appt or Church. Yes, I wear jeans to Church, I know some do not believe in that, but this is who I am. I do have a few pairs of stretch denim, but i do prefer regular ole' denim, and I actually favor Men's jeans over Women's.

5) A-Line Skirts: When I am not wearing jeans, comfy skirts or dresses it is! I do have a few long, peasant style skirts, but the A-Line is my favorite. It is, by far, the most flattering fit I have found. I love matching up a great patterned skirt with one of my cap tee's and a hoodie. Throw in my Birks, and there you have it folks...My signature look! LOL! The only problem I do find, is finding the right length. I do not like anything above the knee, but I also don't like them too long either.

6) Long Dresses: I have tons of dresses and I am always looking for more. I like long flowing styles and all but 2 or sleeveless (bringing in the hoodie) One of the very few garments that I sew for myself that fit great and that I wear regularly, is my dress! I have found a great pattern a few years back with a tiered bottom, that is my all-time favorite dress!

7) Yoga Pants: Yes, like others, I am going there! I love my yoga pants! These are such a great alternative to sweats! I have them mostly in black & grey and also have a few capri styles. This is another one of the few sewing projects that I wear! I love a Fold-Over style, another more flattering style for my shape ;) No, I do not practice Yoga, but do occasionally do Pilate's?! LOL! These are just my fave after a day in jeans, ready to hang on the couch with the kids.

8) Boot Socks: OK, may sound crazy, but I love the flecked & nubby boot socks! I do have some great striped & polka dotted socks, but I always favor these! They keep my feet warm, pretty much go with everything I own and still look great with my Birks(see #1)

9) Ribbed Tank Tops: I wear these all year long. I layer them under sweaters, tunics and even my Cap Sleeve Tee's! Then when the warmer weather sets in, they are my uniform! These are another one that I own in various colors, but still LOVE to find ones with great designs on them! I prefer the longer length styles, partly because they always shrink up and partly because I like to know my rear end is not hanging out ;)

10) Accessories: I do not wear much jewelry or fashion accents. My daily wears are simple and go with everything. White Gold is my jewelry of choice. Every day I wear 1)small hoop earrings, 2)cross & chain, 3)silver link watch, 4)wedding band, 5)a heirloom ring from my Nana & 6)a Sterling toe ring. Now that the warmer weather is approaching, I am wearing a silver & shell anklet and I do like to wear a Baseball cap when out in the sun/at the Beach. I do have a few beaded necklaces that I wear for my formal days, but for the most part, these are my tried & true.

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The Real Me! said...

I could pretty much sum up my style with 3 pieces of clothing. T-shirts, long shorts and flip flops! LOL.
I have no style!! No one would want to raid my closet!
I'm glad your back from vacation. It's good to read your blog again.