Thursday, May 21, 2009

I am back.. for now ;)

Well, it has been just over a month since I have blogged. At first it was a relief, like I finally didn't have a reason or need to go on the computer. But then I started to miss it, not the computer, but just getting my thoughts out. I have had a very productive month and have weaned myself away from the computer and am now hoping I can Blog in moderation!

Where can I start? Big Guy has just finished his LAX season (and will start Football in 2 WEEKS!!), Little Guy and Drama Diva have also took a huge liking to LAX and used some of their birthday money to buy sticks for themselves! They have "practicing" in the back yard every day! They also built forts on our tree house/playground in the back and have been enjoying their private time back to follow soon. Hubby and I have been really enjoying doing little things outside finally making our NEW home is really coming along and feels great.
My little brother is officially enrolled in the Nuclear Mechanics Program for the United States NAVY and leaves in November..sniff, sniff. Dad was stationed in Washington D.C for a month. Me, mom and the kids spent a weekend their with him and had soo much fun spending the WHOLE time sightseeing! The kids were just thrilled! Their is nothing like standing in front of the White House at 12am! It is just beautiful!

I recently had a great meeting with my Pastor and have realized how lucky I am to have Him and my wonderful Church family! It is just a great feeling to have their Unconditional Love and Understanding ALL the TIME! GOD is GOOD! Big Guy has been busy preparing for his Confirmation which he will be making next weekend! It is very exciting to see him prepare to make the commitment to accept Jesus Christ in front of our family! He is also making the trek again to Kentucky for a Mission Trip in July! PTL! I have become a part of the "Chain Gang" in our church. We sit and craft (crochet, plastic canvas, knit) and enjoy wonderful fellowship together. I was also very pleased to learn a few of the member make Pocket Crosses that they bag up EVERY MONTH and send over to our Troops! They have started this mission awhile back and it really has taken off! They also bake DOZENS of cookies and send them along! I was thrilled to receive a phone call this week and ask if I would like to contribute! The kids and I were thrilled to bake THIRTEEN dozen cookies for Our Soldiers! It really was a nice feeling to be able to touch, if only a few, of our Soldiers, and show them we are thinking of them!

I, myself, have been keeping myself busy, like always! I have been organizing the house, room by room, which has felt wonderful! I am also going to be VERY busy cleaning out all of our storage spaces (attic, basement, crawl spaces) because we are going to have some home improvements done soon! My health has been good, and I have enjoyed finally falling into a great routine with my household chores and time with the kids! I have slowly been easing back to sewing, making a few dresses for myself and now some sleepwear for the kids. I have also been a Reading Machine! I have never enjoyed it so much! It had started with the Twilight series, and that renewed my love for reading! I was also pleased to learn that I have been enjoying other types of stories besides intense mysteries! I have been really enjoying lighthearted stories about friendship and romance! I have finally moved my bookcase into my bedroom and was pleased to see I have myself a great little Library! But I also have been taking advantage of our Public Library, reading best sellers for FREE! In the last 4 weeks I have read over 15 books! What a sweet escape that I have used to replace to my aversion to the Computer! My time doesn't seem to be wasted anymore and I can pull myself away much easier,but can also sneak in mini escapes, like when I am waiting at the school for the kids to come out or in Dr's waiting room and also in front of the stove waiting for dinner to finish up!
Well, I guess that is enough for now! I feel so great being to document my days again! It really is a great tool and I enjoy looking back!


Laura said...

I am positive that I will never use the words NUCLEAR MECHANICS in my blog posts.

But the God is good part? Yup! I agree!
Welcome back to blogging! Have a beautiful weekend!

Melissa said...

Yes, I had never imagined that I was use that term either. But I am extremely proud of my Brother :O)
God is Good, All the Time!
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the long Memorial Day weekend.

The Real Me! said...

Well I'm glad you're back, even in moderation! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Wow I can't believe your "little" brother is old enough to go into the US Navy!! Way to go!!! You must be SO proud!!