Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Don't mess with my Girls

Boy, it feels like it had been forever since I have blogged last. I just have not had anything exciting to say or had anything to rant about..until today.
Today..I am RANTING! And to make it worse, I am ranting for someone else!
Does anyone else have a friend who can withstand it know the one I am talking about. Her son is making his 3rd trip to the hospital in 2months, No worries, she is just planning away to keep things running smooth for the rest of her family...... I would be vomiting in the backseat, crying all the way that my kid was hurt...nope, not her. When it comes to her kids...strong as nails. Keeps it together, even when I tell her, "Dude, it's OK to cry, life is sucking right now" but no cigar..
Sooo..when I spoke to her today and heard her sobs..I was MAD! I felt like I was back in school....Let me 'at her...Where does she live? Who's got eggs????
Now, I am not going to spill her business, but the fact is this..DON'T make my friend cry! It rips me up inside to see this strong, wonderful Mom be hurt or cut down by another. Now, I know I have said my share of hurtful things to my friends, but they have always taken me back and forgave me, PTL. OK, maybe I am no different, BUT, she wasn't even a friend!!! just a person who made MY friend cry!!!
Has anyone else felt this bond to your gal pals that's get you steaming..probably more than it steamed them??!LOL!

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