Monday, July 27, 2009

For every season

I have been having such a great Summer, I can't believe how much time has gone by since my last post! We had a bit of a late start, with the kids getting out later and Big Guy in ROTC camp for the last week of June. But since then, we have been full steam ahead! or maybe half steam, that is?! It has been our most relaxing summer yet.

Pool, Beach, Friends, Bbq's.. sitting on the back deck today I was thinking over past summer's and realizing how each one is different. How each year, the winning activity has changed. I can remember when all I wanted was to be at the Beach, get the kids out of the house, tire them out. Then there were others, when you couldn't pay me enough to leave (like when Lil' Guy was just born and on the Apnea monitor)

We have had some kind of pool every year for a while now, but this year, it has taken the winning activity award so far!And the most ironic part is that I almost convinced hubby not put it up this year! It is not huge, but not too small either..16'X48'. Big enough they can swim and stay out of each others way, but small enough to not give me a heart attack and I can relax with a book. So, that is what I have been doing! I jump at the chance when the kids suggest going in, and grab my coffee and my current read or crochet, depending on how rowdy they are and how many are in. Morning, afternoon and after dinner...all seem to be a sure thing. Hubby has even gotten in a few times now..but not me, I need to be sweltering to get me in that cold pool!


The Real Me! said...

This is been one of our funnest summers as well!! I'm glad you are having a good time!!

Kelly said...

We are having a great summer too! So far very laid back!! Lots of pool time!! Keep enjoying it!!