Monday, August 17, 2009

Facebook - Friend or Foe???

I have been on Facebook for almost a year now. I go through spurts..Love it..hate it..LOVE it. It does have this weird ability to suck you in, though. 30 minutes can be gone, lickity split, with just one game of Farkle and updating my status!

Crazy quizzes are always popping up..
What five things would you bring on stranded island?
How many kids will you have?
What is your idea of a Vacation?
You get the point!

But yesterday, I was intrigued by a quiz that popped up on the Home page.
Does the Internet Change Friendships? A)They're Stronger B) They're Shallower C) Not a bit
My first thought was no, or maybe a little shallower even. But then I thought about all my friends I was able to reconnect with on Facebook. Yes, some of them were the stereo-typical catch-ups..How are you? Where are you living? Your family is Beautiful! Let's do coffee one day!

But then there are the treasured connections from friends that have just drifted away, busy with family and work. If not for Facebook, I may have not had the opportunity to find a few minutes here and there, catching up and being to reconnect from my dear, long lost friends. I have thoroughly enjoyed these cyber-catch-ups, and now I am able to look forward to face to face coffee dates!

Then there are the friends that live in my town, that I enjoy talking to when we bump into each other in the grocery store, the library or school functions. But, that is usually the extent. This is when Facebook comes in..I am able to have a more "intimate" conversation with these friends. Time that we can't always grab when we are chasing kids, filling out school forms, or ordering from the deli! I have learned so much about these friends, that I never had gotten the chance to learn before, and it has led to great conversations and fun talks!

Last, but not least, there are my dear friends that I see more on regular basis. Facebook has become our weekday/weekend planner, meal idea forum, quick reminder of a date we have planned, or posted pics of the great times we recently had together! Sometimes it is easier for me to grab 5 QUIET minutes on the computer to confirm plans on their profile page, than trying to finagle an actual conversation!

So, do you think you can figure out my answer?????? I LOVE my friends, and will take any way I can to communicate with them!!!

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Lori said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Melissa! I know some people argue that you can't have a community online, but I'm all about the connections I'm able to make. :) Happy facebooking!