Thursday, August 13, 2009

Time Flies

Boy, who was it that said August was WIDE OPEN with NO PLANS??
That couldn't have been me, because I have not stopped since August 1st! I have to admit, I have had a GREAT month so far, and have gotten TONS accomplished! We have had Weatherization done on the house, accomplished a lot of cleaning out, I have found a GREAT job for the Fall, hubby & I have gotten new tattoo's, spent lots of time at Football practice's (and carting kids around...) and have used Pool, more than any other Summer. But,now, I am ready for a break before...NO.. I am not going to say it..nope I am not going to think it...NOPE....It is ONLY August 13th!!!! No negativity here! I still have WEEKS!!!

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The Real Me! said...

Good to hear from you my friend. Glad to see you've been having fun.