Sunday, September 27, 2009

Is it too much to ask?

I feel like I could SCREAM!!! Gggggrrr!
Our home has an attached garage that my Father-in-Law uses to work on his antique car. This has always been the way, way before we even bought our home. I have no problem with it, yes when it was still "his" house, he always asked us to leave the adjoining door open in case he needed to use the bathroom, etc...
Once we became homeowners, it was just never an issue, well not really..
If we are home, which one of us usually is, he always knocks before he enters. We don't always have that door locked. Hubby and the kids use it regularly to head outside in the morning.
Which brings me to this morning. Little guy is sick and has to miss his Football game, but DH being an assistant coach, still went to the game. It is pouring today, so he took my van. We are having a quiet morning, just me and the boys, so to the outside world, we would not look home. So here I am, sitting on the computer, when Dad knocks as he is walking into the house. Looking surprised, he says "Oh, I didn't realize you were home!" He needed to use the bathroom, and that is fine, and it is not that I don't trust him by any means... IT IS JUST THE POINT!
Do I think he would snoop around the house??? NO
Do I think he would bring others in?? No
But could he walk in innocently while I am stepping out of the shower?? Quite possibly
Does everyone lock their bathroom door when they believe they are home alone? How many times have I ran around the house wrapped in a towel? Should that right be taken away just because it is the way it has always been?
It just doesn't seem Fair

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