Friday, October 23, 2009

Morning Woes

This morning I woke up in a BAD mood. Why? I had a restful sleep (thank you Ambien), my children are all well, and it is Friday! I am always happy on Fridays!!

But not today:( I mean, OK, maybe the fact that hubby used the last drop of milk this morning, which left me coffee-less, or that the kitty needed litter, or maybe it could have been the attitude from my dear tween...Whatever the cause, everything & everyone had ANNOYED me!

But then the little guy I tend to during the week arrived and I also had another little one come for the first time. Aahh, they grounded me. It just got better from there.

My more-than-hectic weekend seemed to clear up just enough where I don't have to practice my magic tricks and be at two places at once.
My new little one that I was so worried about adjusting, did awesome!
I was able to hit the bank before that dreaded 3pm cutoff for deposits
Hubby will start his 1 & 1/2 week vacation (ok, so that one can go either way..heheh)
I am now able to attend a fun girls-nite for dinner tonight too!

It may seem like little things, but enough for me to get a grip on my matter how many things go awry. And I am not going to let anyone get to me anymore! We don't have to get along with everybody, I just need to remind myself that sometimes.
Morning Woes have now turned to Afternoon Smiles

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