Friday, October 30, 2009

On top of Spaghetti

Lately I have felt like we eat the same old-same old, so the other day I was excited after my trip to Top Tomato. I found mini ground chicken patties with Parmesan & parsley...yumm, right?

Well, sadly I wasn't welcomed with open arms when I suggested the "slider" type meal. So, into the freezer they went, until this week, that is. I needed to jazz this meal I sauteed the patties up like meatballs and served them with tomato sauce and angel hair. All five of us were going to eat this meal....hopefully, so I made 2 pounds of macaroni, the faux meatballs and a garlic bread w/ cheese from the pizza shop around the corner. Sitting at the table I was more than pleased when everyone was enjoying the meal!! Then the room became me and hubby sat in amazement watching Big Guy eat! It was like free entertainment!After his third serving, we had guesstimated that ate close to a pound of macaroni, 4 patties and 3 glasses of tea!!! And we weren't even finished with our first servings!! LOL!

If I could only have HALF of his metabolism....he is a 5'10 Middle Linebacker player weighing 155 lbs soaking wet! I have always heard what they say about teenagers..but never had really seen it in action until the last few months!

But I would not have it any other way..I could not imagine telling him he could not have another serving or another drink....and for that..we are truly blessed


Lori said...

Sounds like a winner! And I like your Christmas counter on the sidebar. Guess I'm feeling a little more prepared than usual because it doesn't make me break out in a cold sweat! ;)

Melissa said...

Thanks Lori, I hear ya...I am no where near prepared..but I am so excited for the holidays!