Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Fave Five

1) Christmas ornaments cross stitch kit - I stumbled on this kit a few weeks ago when I was buying fabric for my football quilt, the Ebay seller had this kit for dirt cheap. I don't normally like stamped cross stitch kits, but I have been enjoying this so much!! Working on it at night while hubby and I watch TV has been so enjoyable! The only bad part is that I intended to attach these to gifts and it looks like they might be adorning my tree.......

2) Birthdays - Even when it is not mine, they are still so much fun. It was hubby's birthday this week. I just love the getting together for big family meals, having cake, laughing with family, oh and did I mention how much I enjoy cake??

3) AA Batteries - Yes, you are prob thinking that I am nuts! But it is amazing what these little things can do....prevent me from getting off the couch if I want to change the channel, hook up to a hand warmer and give my football player hours of warm comfort on the field..and the best of them all...2 little batteries in a dollar store flashlight will give hours of entertainment to  a 7 year old!!!

4) Bedtime Tea - I have to agree with Susanne's post, I was able to snag a few boxes of this stuff this week on sale at the grocery store.....One word ............ Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh

5) Yankee Tarts - Last week I stocked on some of my favorite scents..Frosted Pumpkin, Pumkin Spice, Be Thankful, Granny Smith Apple. Man, my home is smelling so good! I just love the way it fills the whole room with such an inviting smell.....

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Anonymous said...

I learned how to cross stitch doing ornaments. It was neat because it was cute and fun but not overwhelming.

A belated happy birthday to your husband!

gianna said...

what a cozy blog. i feel like i just need a hot drink and a fire and your blog and i would be good for the winter!

Susanne said...

Happy Belated birthday to your hubby! I love family get togethers too.

I used to love to cross stitch. It was the only crafty thing I did. I haven't done it years though.

Love Yankee candles and tarts!

Lisa notes... said...

I love birthdays, too, because of getting to see family. Always fun.
And batteries - yes! They definitely make our life easier. But I'm partial to AAA. ha. Rechargeable ones, at that. I now can use the sames one over and over with my MP3 player.

Brenda said...

I love to have delicious scents in the house too.

Jean Stockdale said...

Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Who doesn't love rocking babies and a hamburger is always a welcome sight!

Have a great week. Blessings.

Willow said...

Happy Birthday to your husband!

I think the AA battery fave is cute. My sil used to give her children a roll of scotch tape and it would keep them entertained for HOURS. Oh, and you can get the rechargeable AAs and reuse them for months (as I do for my camera).

Have a great weekend!